Adopting an animal is a noble act

By Sylvia Machado

One of the big challenges of associations aiming to help abandoned and defenseless animals is finding a new home for them. 

Finding a new place is not enough; it should be a good home. A family to provide them with all they need (food, shelter, health care), but also to give lots of love and affection.

Our association has been quite successful so far because we have managed to organise adoptions with friends and acquaintances who share the same values and care about abandoned animals.

But we need more good homes. There are many animals in desperate need and we have no more capacity to accommodate them.

To adopt and care for an animal is a noble act and the “creature” rewards it with its capacity to give everything and asks for almost nothing in return.

It is difficult to imagine how immensely sad and desperate a stranded animal feels, and we really should say to ourselves: ‘yes, I want to help and comfort it and give it a small corner in my garden, garage or maybe even near me, next to the fireplace.’  

You can be certain that an animal liberated from its suffering would be the most loyal and loving companion for the rest of its life.

TV channel SIC recently reported of a dog whose love went far beyond human love. A woman moved house and left her dog behind. The devoted animal sat on the threshold of her house for a very long time and waited for his owner. He could not be chased away by anybody.

It is suspected that he would have waited for the woman that abandoned him and would have died there. How can someone be so heartless and irrational?  

It seems so easy to abandon a defenceless creature; it’s like throwing away an old chair or a dirty rag…

No!  We really have to consider seriously how it is possible to abandon the friend who is capable of giving his life for us. Without abandonment, there would be no such concerns in our cities and villages.

One thing is sure:  The human is able to abandon his faithful friend, but his faithful friend would never choose to abandon him…. 

Finding these poor animals homes is very important. They need a second chance to regain a better life as a faithful friend. And we humans have the opportunity to regain our good sense and humanity and learn from our companions how to live and love in an unselfish and caring way.

Article supplied by Sylvia Machado from the 3AT – Tavira Animal Friends Association. For information, email [email protected] Follow the work of 3AT on Facebook -3AT – Associação Amigos dos Animais de Tavira.