Adopt a fireman!

news: Adopt a fireman!

An afpop East Algarve Coffee Morning raised €300 for São Brás Bombeiros, as part of the recently launched ‘Adopt a Fireman’ initiative.

More than 40 afpop members and guests attended the coffee morning at Pedras da Rainha Club House to listen to Alex Moreira and Daniel Pereira speak about life as a Bombeiro in São Brás.

The event was both interesting and enlightening.Much enthusiasm was generated amongst the afpop members to raise funds to help buy much-needed tools and equipment for the firemen.

A total of €300 was donated as a result of the morning, which marked the start of the afpop ‘Adopt a Fireman Fund’.

A visit to their fire station is being organised and fundraising ideas are being generated and co-ordinated by afpop members in the Eastern Algarve area.

912 071 000 (afpop EA)