Pascale Fey

Adérita Artistic Space unveils new exhibition at Casa Velha

Painter Pascale Fey and sculptor Rita Pereira are the guest artists of the latest exhibition organised by Adérita Artistic Space gallery which has opened to the public at the Casa Velha restaurant in Quinta do Lago.

Pascale Fey is a French contemporary artist, who worked as a graphic designer for many years. Says the artist, it became essential for her to create her own illusions.

The first of her “obsessions” is painting on canvases coated in a dark colour.

“Painting for me would be pointless if this process did not begin with this ritual. From black will come colours,” she said.

Rita Pereira

Pascale loves the countryside and the sea, but her real source of inspiration is the city, and “the place of the human being in society and human relations in general”.

Rita Pereira is a sculptor born and raised in Lagos who has been making a name for herself in recent years, having made her first public sculpture for the village of Monchique in 2019.

She was also the creator of the sculpture inaugurated at the fishermen’s viewpoint in Praia da Luz (Lagos) in honour of her deceased friend Matthias Sandeck.

Rita currently has her atelier at the artistic residency of LAC in Lagos.

The exhibition opened on February 14 and will run until March 26. Entrance is free, with opening hours running from 2pm to 5.30pm from Tuesday to Saturday.