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Aderita Artistic Space hosts “Why?” exhibition

Several artists and students from Vilamoura International School take part in show

“Why?” is the question that serves as the motto for a collective exhibition around “knowledge, philosophy, and art”, promoted by the Vilamoura International School (CIV) at the Galeria Aderita Artistic Space, in Vale do Lobo, Loulé.

The exhibition, which will open on May 2 at 5.30pm in the presence of artists, students and teachers, embodies the work of 10 artists around eight questions formulated by students from the Vilamoura International School during the 10th Questions Festival 2022-2023.

“Can we be happy alone?” (Tiago Sobral, 2º ano); “Are there limits to our thinking?” (Inga Lopes, 11º ano); “Is all knowledge true?” (Bruno Baptista, 10º ano); “Where does the sea end?” (Gonçalo Tavares, 2º ano); “What matters most in your life?” (Álvaro Tavares, 5º ano); “What would happen if someone passed the end of the universe?” (Álvaro Tavares, 5º ano); and “Are humans better at creating things or destroying them?” (Débora Ferreira, 10º ano) were the questions that caught the guest artists’ attention among the more than 50 questions guaranteed to take students ‘further’.

“Just as the CIV community’s questions led to artwork creation, they will also lead to the emergence of new questions,” says festival mentor Laurinda Silva. “Both the philosophical questions and the works of art,” she adds, “have in common an instigating dimension of knowledge and understanding of the world. Besides other characteristics, they are open realities, which lead us to constant self-improvement”.

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Adriano Aires, Aderita Silva, Bruno Ceriz, Filipe da Palma, Guilherme Limão, Luís da Cruz, Mary Berry, Margarida Gomes, Phermad, and Sandro Soutilha thus make a journey around painting and engraving, passing through sculpture and photography, revealing the multiplicity where the question wanders with other questions or with the possibility of an answer.

“The synergies between philosophy and artistic forms encourage reflection. Each work, by its contemplative nature, materialises the space for questioning and transforming the world”, states Cidália Bicho, CIV’s Pedagogical Director.

During the three weeks of the exhibition, there will also be parallel activities such as sessions with the artist Mary Berry (May 13), with the CIV Young Storytellers (May 16) and the opening of a public session of philosophy for adults and young people, with the facilitator and mentor of this festival, on May 9, at 5.30pm.

“Because questioning is necessary!”