Adegamãe Sauvignon Blanc

Having been somewhat disappointed last week by the Pinot Noir I featured in my column, I found another Pinot as yet unknown to me on the shelf at my local supermarket last weekend – this time from Adegamãe, a modern and relatively new winery located near Torres Vedras in the Lisbon wine region.

The winery itself is worthy of mention, a striking contemporary architecture project set in the rolling countryside of the Ribatejo. Sadly, I was not impressed by their Pinot Noir, but this just goes to show, yet again, how difficult it is to make good Pinot in the Portuguese climate, but it is just one of an extensive range of varietals from this producer.

Amongst them is this very decent Sauvignon Blanc which, unlike most of the new world style Sav Blanc produced in Portugal, is more reminiscent of a light and fresh white Bordeaux.

There are gentle grassy and mineral notes on the notes and good acidity in the mouth. This is not a wine that jumps out and says Sauvignon Blanc but a subtle and elegant white representing fair value for money at €8.99.

By PATRICK STUART [email protected]