Action packed 2011

By Bart van Linden

Another year, another roller coaster of threats and opportunities.

We tend to focus on the latter as, amidst currency wars and defaulting nations, there are more opportunities than ever for creative brands and entrepreneurs to deliver on changing consumer needs. 

But are we ready for the 2011 clients? No matter what type of business we are in, we must adapt to the new consumer trends and while they have always looked out for special offers and discounts, 2011 will be a year packed with action.

With the competitive prices in the tourism sector and in real estate, buyers are now empowered by a wealth of choice.

In this day and age, buyers are already equipped with the purchasing knowledge, so the remaining piece is finding what they are looking for.

It is no surprise that the best properties on the market are not lasting long. The Algarve is a small place and when the local residents hear about a good deal or service, they can quickly spread the word. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time!

But distance shouldn’t hold someone back from getting what they want and almost anything is solved these days through emails and over the internet.

The important thing is to stay constantly connected and to get to know of these opportunities at the right time.

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