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Across the Atlantic with João Falcato

THE SECOND in a series of concerts hosted by the Friends of São Brás Museum takes place on Friday, March 3 at 8pm at the museum itself, featuring the renowned Lisbon band led by the great João Falcato.

“The first concert was a complete success,” said committee member Lynne Booker. “We were more than delighted with the fantastic response we received. Thanks largely to the management and professionalism of the Triple Bass Music Agency, the event was just sensational. We wish to thank our members, especially those involved in putting the concert together.”

João Falcato, Lisbon’s treasured son and favoured prodigy, will play a series of concerts with his chosen saxophonist Matt Lester during March, performing own compositions as well as a few covers. João’s music is unique with roots in Cuba, Brazil, Spain, the US and, of course, Portugal. The band composed of superb entertainers is exceptional, playing music that will transport you back and forth across the Atlantic.

For tickets, contact Cliff and Penny Newton on 289 845 452, Gallas Music in Albufeira on 289 513 930 or The Resident on 282 342 936.