ACRAL pushes for Algarve-wide CCTV

ACRAL, the Algarve’s retailers association, has welcomed Portimão’s decision to install a CCTV video surveillance system in Praia da Rocha (click here) and is encouraging other boroughs in the region to do the same.

“We are at the end of a political cycle (Portugal’s local elections are scheduled for October) but it would be good if candidates pledged now to install CCTV in their boroughs, for the good of the Algarve as a region,” ACRAL’s president Álvaro Viegas said in a statement.

He added that this suggestion will be sent to all local councils and political parties.

“Video surveillance has a major preventive effect, making the region even safer and more attractive for those who visit or want to invest or live here,” he said.

Viegas stressed that only “PSP police will access the CCTV footage in Portimão which ensures citizens’ privacy and should abide by the demands made by the National Commission of Data Protection”.

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