ACRAL calls for union to promote Algarve as “trustworthy brand”

Victor Guerreiro, president of the Algarve Retailers Association (ACRAL), has called on local businesspeople, associations and public entities to join forces to promote the Algarve as a “trustworthy brand” that can help develop the region’s economy.

“Certifying products with the Algarve label could be something that would bolster the economy,” he told Lusa news agency.

The problem is that local businesspeople lack a sense of “union”, he says. It is time to “change mentalities”.

The only way the Algarve can have a “credible voice on a regional, national and international level” is if everyone rows in the same direction, Guerreiro stresses.

“We need to overcome the existing divisions and find a way to speak as one voice.”

The head of ACRAL said his association has been holding a number of conferences and debates aimed at “bringing businesspeople and entities together” and discussing the Algarve’s problems. The latest was held on May 25 in Portimão and attracted over 100 entrepreneurs, business owners, members of the Algarve tourism board (RTA), the employment institute (IEFP) and the regional development commission (CCDR – Algarve).