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ACOQ – A look at 2021

Text by ACOQ

New challenges and new choices!
The year of 2004 invokes good memories for us. It was the start of our business journey. When you ask us why we are in business, we have quite a simple answer – we are committed to be different and better!

With 30 years experience, we are always ready for new developments. In both private and corporate life, we have always been challenged by what we call the market. The challenge to be better, to succeed, is always our primary concern.

Our areas of expertise are Accountancy, Tax Consultancy, Fiscal Representation and Management Consultancy. We have been supporting corporate and individual clients involved in many different activities. From tourism to agriculture our approach does not change. Each client is different. We believe in individual solutions to each different challenge!

Inspiration for a new start
Starting a business or starting a new life in a new country can be a stressful and anxious moment and we must investigate this new opportunity fully to develop and make a difference in life. Inspiring is only possible if we are truly inspired!

We are involved in helping new residents and new entrepreneurs in Portugal. Having a good start is especially important to develop a business or to enjoy what Portugal offers without tax worries.

We are experts in Portuguese Taxation and Double Taxation affairs. Income and Property Tax are extremely important with a huge impact on every decision we make. Knowing the consequences of our actions is a wise and proactive requirement in both life and business.

Make the right choices!
The year 2021 must bring hope and resilience to all. It will be particularly important to increase our criteria when making choices. Now more than ever it is imperative to make the correct long-term choices. Uncertainty is a daily challenge that needs addressing with positive energy to succeed and create a successful new life and business style.

The complexity of the different options available of investment makes our task much harder but challenges us on daily basis. Challenge us now and find out how we succeed!

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