Acid attack Brit transferred to intensive care at Lisbon’s top burns hospital

The 29-year-old British woman horrifically burnt with acid in Alvor on Saturday night has been transferred to Lisbon’s top burns hospital – S. José – as police remain on the trail of her attacker.

According to media reports this morning, he is believed to have been an ex-boyfriend who may have lured the woman to the site where he then somehow poured two litres of corrosive liquid all over her.

Initial reports that the woman, described as a tourist, suffered 30% burns to her body have since been updated to 60%.

According to tabloid Correio da Manhã, she was “writhing in agony, and screaming with pain” by the time emergency services reached her.

The UK’s Sun appears to have a more details.

The paper says “such was the strength of the acid that it “melted her clothes like wax” and has left her unable to speak”.

The acid “missed” the victim’s face “but badly burned her arms, stomach and legs”.

The paper quotes a police source saying the couple had a “domestic violence history”.

It is not clear, however, whether that history came from Portugal, or even Alvor.

According to the Sun, the attacker “allegedly created a fake Facebook profile, giving the idea he was someone else”.

He “started chatting with his victim and then set up a meeting”.

The paper suggests the attacker may be a Madeiran.

The attack took place around 10.20pm on Saturday night, close to Alvor’s private Hospital Particular.

The woman was rushed to nearby Portimão hospital, but due to the gravity of her condition, was transferred on to S. José’s burns unit.

PJ police are due to interview her to try in a bid to discover where the attacker may have fled to.

For now, there appear to be no further details.

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