Accidents at work claimed 165 lives

THE MAJORITY of fatal work-related accidents in Portugal in 2005 occurred in the civil construction industry. According to statistics released by the Inspecção Geral de Trabalho (IGT), the inspector general for work, there were 165 deaths taking place at work, showing a decline on recent years.

In a bid to ensure construction companies comply with safety standards, the IGT is to carry out 29,000 inspections of building sites and other industrial premises in 2006. According to its action plan for 2006, the IGT is to monitor 7,000 construction and industrial companies in a bid to fight illegal employment, while making sure that working conditions, social security contributions, safety, health and hygiene are within legal requirements for workers.

Paulo Morgado Carvalho of the IGT said the decrease in fatalities was an improvement but the figures were still worrying.