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Abstract art at Corte Real

New abstract art works from Sally Stafford, one of the Corte Real gallery’s favourite artists, are now on display.

Sally Stafford is usually known for her impressions of the countryside.

However, her latest decorative pieces have drawn inspiration from traditional Portuguese crochet shapes.

The pictures, which were created by the artist while spending a month as the artist in residence at the Obras Centre in the Alentejo, include random fabric samples and have been compared to the style of the works by the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky.

Painting by Alison Orchard.
Painting by Alison Orchard.

Meanwhile, paintings by Alison Orchard will be on display at the Corte Real gallery as part of an ongoing exhibition.

The works of Alison Orchard represent interpretations of the sea, sky and coastal landscapes with her using different tones to produce depth in the pieces.

“I challenge myself to capture on canvas the vitality that can be found in the sky, the air, the crashing sea and the salt wind in your face,” said Alison.

She added that her aim is “to find a balance between emerging abstraction while retaining subtle visual references to the sea.”

The Corte Real gallery in Paderne is open from Thursday to Sunday between 11am and 5pm.

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