Abstention is alarming

Dear Editor,

Even though we were all expecting it, abstention levels in Portugal reached record-breaking levels once again in last weekend’s legislative elections.

At such a delicate time in the country’s history, it is shocking that nearly half of the people that are eligible to vote decided to stay at home.

However, it is proof of how people are frustrated with politics. Seeing PSD and PS switch places year after year since the 25 de Abril revolution has slowly taken its toll on the Portuguese, who can’t seem to see a viable alternative in any of the other parties.

Now, we’re anxiously waiting to see who will form a government.

It seems unlikely that the left-wingers will be able to, as their views tend to differ too much – especially on matters such as Portugal’s future in the Euro.

I believe that PS will eventually come to an agreement with the PSD/CDS-PP coalition to run the country together and avoid another political crisis. Only time will tell.

Jonathan Watson, by email