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Absolutely appalled by Salgados project

Dear Editor,

As a frequent visitor to Salgados and Galé – yes and Praia Grande and the wetland sanctuary – I am absolutely appalled at the plans to build yet more apartments, golf courses and hotels on Praia Grande!

Are the officials and planners behind this decision “blind from birth” or something? If this is the case then, it is no good telling them to take a walk around the neighbouring, ridiculous one man’s folly of the ill-fated CS development in Salgados, which stands neglected, half empty and like a dying legoland of stick me up palm trees and properties that no one wants!  

Do they know there is a recession on? Are they deaf as well as blind or are they aware of an unprecedented number of vacant and empty properties existing already, without adding to that with this ridiculous development. It is neither needed, necessary or wanted by the majority of people, who possess a modicum of commonsense as well as brains?

Unlike the idealistic, distorted visionistas behind this hare-brained development scheme, which will become yet another economic disaster that the Algarve can ill afford!  

J Williams