SEP (the Portuguese syndicate of teachers) says its members are overworked and suffering from constant farigue. Photo: JONATHAN BORBA/PEXELS.COM

Abrantes nurses become latest to submit liability waivers

A total of 61 nurses at the Centro Hospitalar do Médio Tejo (CHMT), all from Abrantes Hospital’s A&E department, in Portugal’s Santarém district, have asked to sign liability waivers on the grounds there is a lack of professionals to ensure the safety of the healthcare provided. In the waiver request, Lusa reports that complaints also highlight the ‘overload of hours’ in which nurses have to work “which largely exceeds the limits of recommended overtime work, calling into question the right to rest.” Abrantes nurses are simply the latest in a long line of thousands who have submitted liability waivers over the last few months in a service which still does not have a replacement chosen for resigning minister Marta Temido.