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Abba Mania

WHEN ABBA decided to split in the early 80s, millions of fans worldwide were devastated to see the end of one of the most successful bands in chart history. As a result, tribute bands began to emerge from all corners of the globe, trying to recreate the distinctive sound of the Swedish supergroup.

While many have enjoyed success, ABBA MANIA has risen above the rest of their competitors to become one of the most sensational tribute bands around. What sets this band apart from the others is the attention to detail that has gone into every aspect of the show. The choreography, the lighting, the costumes and most importantly the music, have been carefully analysed and reproduced, so that the band’s performances can be as close as possible to the original live shows.

ABBA MANIA describe how “the respect for their unique lifework made us study the music carefully in order to make an impressive revival”. This is very evident from the live show, in which the presence of Bernie’s white piano and Bjorn’s trademark star shaped guitar, combined with platforms and a massive rotating disco ball hanging from the ceiling, create an electrifying mix of light, image and sound.

The quartet, who hail from Germany, studied the four part vocal harmonies intricately, in order to reproduce the distinctive melodies that ruled the charts for much of the 70s and 80s. The contagious tunes like Mamma Mia, Waterloo and Dancing Queen revive memories of the original band that scored 18 hit singles and sold 350 million albums worldwide.

With more than a million tickets sold throughout Europe, the ABBA MANIA show has been selling out the biggest venues around the world. Not even the recent Broadway show Mamma Mia, which is enjoying huge success in numerous cities worldwide, has damaged their following.

A live recording of the ABBA MANIA show is now available to buy, offering 15 tracks taken from their recent tour. The show is touring extensively for the rest of the year, trying to meet the continuing demand. The intensive performance schedule means that two casts are needed on the road to ensure that the high standards can be met every night.

The songs of the Swedish cult band, once brought a whole generation an attitude to life, creating a culture of fashion and music still relevant to all generations. ABBA MANIA successfully brings the 70s sound to the modern day in fascinating fashion. Once you hear them, you will never get their music out of your head!

• You can see ABBA MANIA perform live at Pavilhão Atlantico in Lisbon on Friday June 30 at 10pm. Tickets are available from or by calling 218 918 409. They are also available from Fnac stores and most ticket agencies. (Minimum age requirement of six years).