Abandoned vehicles removed from Loulé area

IN A bid to clean up the borough’s image, Loulé Câmara has launched a campaign to take away all the dumped cars from the municipality. In March, the programme focused on the town centres of Loulé and Quarteira, which resulted in the removal of a total of 73 vehicles.

Meanwhile, other cars were also identified as having been abandoned, but were not removed because they are situated in difficult locations, for instance Bairro da Abelheira that cannot be accessed by the tow-truck. These vehicles will be taken away with the assistance of the GNR. According to the câmara, since January this year, 106 dumped cars, which were found obstructing the streets, have already been removed. “This is just one of the câmara’s initiatives to improve the image of the borough and particularly that of the town centre,” reports Loulé Câmara.