Abandoned senior dogs become stars in new campaign

Abandoned senior dogs become stars in new campaign

‘Paixões Não Envelhecem’ (Passions Do Not Grow Old) is the name of a new campaign which aims to raise awareness about the issue of animal abandonment – particularly older animals.

Using heart-warming photos of senior dogs and their owners, the campaign aims to fight the growing trend of abandoning animals once they reach a certain age – usually around 10, when they start to require more attention and care.

All photos were taken by renowned Brazilian photographer Daryan Dornelles.

“Campaigns like these are fundamental because they raise awareness about the importance that pet animals have in our day-to-day lives, our growth and our development, and also to stress that abandoning them should never be an option,” said Rodrigo Livreiro, president of Animalife, the non-profit association behind the initiative.

Abandoned senior dogs become stars in new campaign

Official data shows that around 119 animals are abandoned per day in Portugal. Age is often one of the factors that leads owners to abandon their senior pets, who are left at shelters or simply on the streets. They often never find a home, living out their final days far away from those they love.

“It is a cruel act, especially for an old animal, which will have a very hard time surviving or adapting to life in an institution, closed away in a box,” he added.

The campaign was developed with the help of advertising agency FCB Lisboa, which says it is “very proud to be able to contribute to help this cause.”

“Animalife has been setting itself apart for years with an active voice for the protection of pet animals,” said FCB Lisboa CEO and CCO, Edson Athayde.

Visit www.animalife.pt to learn more about the campaign and the association’s work.