Abandoned cars towed

Inspectors from Loulé Câmara have towed more than 100 abandoned carsaround the concelho, but particularly in urban areas, such as Loulé, Quarteira, Vilamoura and Almancil.

Over three days, four tow-trucks, a support vehicle with a crane and 10 inspectors took to the streets in a bid to improvethe area before the arrival of Euro 2004 football fans.

Initially, more than 300 abandoned vehicles were detected, many found in unroadworthy condition. However, 48 hours after the owners of the vehicles had been notified, 200 were removed from the streets.

The vehicles collected in this operation, will be taken to the municipal car pound and owners will be given 30 days to reclaim their vehicles. Otherwise the cars will be declared abandoned to the state and will go to the scrap yard. Owners who reclaim their cars will have to pay a fine. A second phase of the tow operation will target abandoned vehicles found in good condition. Meanwhile, the Câmara Municipal of Loulé has also announced an amnesty for drivers, who can now leave their unwanted vehicles in the municipal scrap yard.