Abandoned baby goes from being “left on beach”, to “left in a rubbish bin” to “discovered in bushes”

Today’s story lurches through locations

Early morning stories today described the discovery of a baby wrapped in a blanket left on Cascais’ iconic Guincho Beach.

As locations go, this would be a good one: it is in one of the most affluent boroughs of the country; popular with extremely well-off families and many young people. Anyone abandoning a baby on this beach would know, fairly surely, that the infant would be rapidly found and cared for.

But the stories didn’t stop there.

The news progressed to the baby having been found “next to a hotel”, close to Boca do Inferno (‘Mouth of Hell’ – a sheer drop from the cliffs into the sea that regularly claims victims).

“Next to a hotel” then moved on to “a rubbish bin” – and then finally, to bushes by a roadside.

The most important aspect of all is that the baby appears to be extremely well and full of energy, and is now in the care of people who will look after him.

PJ police meantime are trying to find out what led to his abandonment – a situation that appears to have happened around midnight last night.

“We received an alert at 23.50 to the existence of a baby in a rubbish bin next to hotel Pestana in Cascais”, Estoril fire chief Bruno Carvalho told Lusa. “When the team arrived at the location there was no baby in the rubbish bin. After searches of the area, a newborn was found at the back of the hotel showing signs of having been born only shortly beforehand”.

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