Abacus – a quarter-century serving the Algarve

After 25 years in the Algarve, Abacus has firmly established itself as a market leader in company formation and management services, primarily in the provision of property holding companies. While providing this service, this is only one of the many financial services they can offer Portuguese residents, UK residents and expats living in Portugal.

Apart from their core services of trust and company management, they have diversified into other areas suited to the typical resident in the Algarve. Abacus offers a range of international pensions, which include QROPS — tax efficient pensions for expats moving to Portugal, and QNUPS — tax efficient pensions for expats who are still UK tax residents. They have also launched their wealth-management advisory service, which includes tax-efficient and Portuguese tax compliant investment solutions suitable for Portuguese and UK residents. In addition, Abacus offers a review service for your existing investments and structures.

If you would like to contact them, please email their English and Portuguese speaking Director, Anne Darlington on the contact details below or drop by their office in Almancil.

(+351) 289 396 277
[email protected] | www.abacus.gi

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