Electric dreams || Part 1

Ab fab yog

Yoghurt is something that I can take or leave – unless I am in the UK, when the incredible number of varieties revitalises my taste buds.

However, I can now introduce you to what I consider to be absolutely fabulous yoghurt.

Rachel’s Organic Yoghurt is available in different styles – full fat, low fat etc – but I decided to try it when I saw the rhubarb variety. This is a low-fat offering from Rachel and is scrumptious.

But, being an absolute ‘nut’ for all things with ginger in, ginger on, ginger over or ginger under, when I saw the Rachel’s Organic Greek Style Yoghurt with GINGER, I had to try it. Oho it is not low-fat – never mind, it is ginger. Oho it’s a bit pricy – never mind it is ginger. I had to have it.

To say it is heaven in a tub is a slight exaggeration, but it is truly the most wonderful luxurious yoghurt experience ever.

Don’t believe me? Well, try it for yourself. It is available from Iceland and is around €3.40 for a family-sized pot (presuming your family gets a look in).