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Aaliyah movie

Singer Aaliyah, whose life was cut tragically short on August 25, 2001, when she was killed in a plane crash aged 22, is set to become the subject of an upcoming film about her life.

According to a report on the Music 2 Nite website, the Canadian R&B singer Keisha Chante will play the Back And Forth singer in the biopic movie.

Aaliyah had been returning from a video shoot in the Bahamas when the small plane went down. 

An autopsy later revealed that there was cocaine and alcohol in the pilot’s system when the aircraft crashed.

During her career, Aaliyah sold over 32 million albums worldwide and was nominated for five Grammys.

Popular rapper Drake paid homage to the late singer recently, saying , “I miss Aaliyah…I hope you hear the words in my music and smile knowing you inspired them all.” He said Aaliyah had been an inspiration to him.