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AAA lectures

Professor João Pedro Bernardes will be discussing his work on the Boco do Rio and Martinhal settlements during two lectures by the Algarve Arquaeological Association (AAA) on October 4.

The first meeting will be held at the museum in São Brás at 2.30pm, with an optional meal to follow, while the second will take place at the convent in Lagoa at a new time of 7.15pm.

Both Boco do Rio and Martinhal are sites of importance in understanding the ancient economy of south western Iberia and although they are protected by conservation orders the sea is slowly destroying these sites.

Work at the Martinhal site by Professor João Pedro Bernardes and his students is sponsored by the AAA and this is an opportunity for members and guests to learn about these two locations of national interest.

Entry to the lectures is free for members and costs €5 for guests, with money paid being donated to the AAA to continue to fund grants.

For further information about the lectures or the AAA, please call 917 267 948.