A5 motorway gets first of Portugal’s 30 new speed cameras

The first of 30 speed cameras to be set up on Portuguese roads until the end of the year was placed yesterday (July 6) on the A5 motorway, linking Lisbon to Cascais.

It is part of SINCRO – the national speed control system – which aims to drastically reduce the number of road accidents and deaths in Portugal.

The mobile speed radars will be set up in 50 different booths across the country in “extremely critical locations”, but drivers will not know which booths will have a radar inside.

“They will be moved around randomly, or according to the needs of the national road safety authority (ANSR), so that drivers will always be on edge about whether or not they will be caught,” Jorge Gomes, Secretary of State for Internal Administration, told Renascença radio.

If drivers are caught above the speed limit, a fine will be automatically sent to their home as the cameras register the vehicle’s licence plate.

The remaining speed cameras should be set up by January 2017.

Gomes explained that the first was placed on the A5 because it “has one of the highest accident rates in the country”.

Installing the speed cameras will cost the government around €3.2 million.

The idea was originally pitched seven years ago. At the time, the plan was to install 300 radars. But with the different governments that were in power and the budget restrictions that followed due to the economic crisis, the number was cut down to 100 and finally to 30.

Three of the radars will be placed on the Algarve’s EN125 road – one at kilometre 28 near Odiáxere, another at kilometre 68 near Guia and finally at kilometre 76 near Boliqueime.