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A22 tolls – what a mess!

Dear Editor,

I have read and found your articles on this subject both useful and interesting, and have now checked the web site www.estradas.pt

Having used the A22 a couple of times since the tolls were introduced, I went to the post office, queued for 55 minutes in Tavira to pay, but was informed that foreign number plated cars (mine is French)  cannot pay for toll usage!

So how am I supposed to pay?

A very, very poorly thought out scheme, which when it becomes known about outside Portugal will seriously discourage visitors from coming, who do not need this hassle.

I look forward to more of your helpful articles and any suggestions to this problem.


Editor’s note: Dear Nigel, thank you for your email. As a driver of a foreign plated car, you need to use one of the pre-payment options available. Post-payment is not possible for foreign plated cars. Please visit www.viaverde.pt and click on ‘Via Verde Visitors’ where you will find information in English.

Dear Editor

We have just spent a super week in the Algarve, BUT this A22 toll concept is a poor joke for tourists.

What happens when flights depart on Sundays? Or evenings after Post Offices close?

Which elected official has made a “boo boo”?  The basis of all government taxation is always “easy and fast to collect the tax”.

I went to PO and queued for 20 minutes – no details, no leaflets, no pre-pay facility, nothing!

So we used the EN125. Result: no increased government income.

Please understand we have a large choice of holiday destinations.


MALCOLM FLANAGAN, Frustrated UK tourist

Editor’s note: Dear Malcolm, we are aware that most post offices in the region ran out of transponders for vehicles.

Dear Editor,

With all the confusion and lack of information being passed on to the public as to the use of the toll system, here is a thought:  I and my friends have to wonder as to the legality of the fact that nowhere are there signs to say you are entering on to a ‘toll road’.

Once you are on, it’s too late.

Anywhere else in Europe you are informed and given the choice as to whether you enter a toll system.

Would be interesting to know if this has been considered by the local protest groups?

KEN POOLE, By email