A22 tolls: how loud do citizens need to shout?

Dear Editor,
Your article ‘Spain’s €11 million toll debts blamed on “confusion”’ is, in my opinion, just another example of how Portuguese authorities rush major decisions without thinking them through just to make quick money.
Did they ever stop to think that the Algarve’s A22 highway system was so flawed that tourists were bound to end up not paying their tolls only to claim later that they didn’t know how the system worked?
The truth is, the majority of Spanish drivers, and most other drivers for that matter, are genuinely left scratching their heads at the border trying to figure out how it all works.
To add insult to injury, authorities named the A22 toll system ‘Easytoll’ – although figuring it out seems to be anything but easy!
I have never agreed with the A22 tolls, but one would at least expect the system to be efficient if the idea was to make money. Other systems in place in other EU countries seem to be so easy. Couldn’t Portugal just copy a successful case from abroad instead of trying to be “innovative” and messing it all up? What an embarrassment for this beautiful country!
Instead, time and resources are spent trying to get the Spanish to pay their toll debts.
It’s this kind of news that will keep tourists from approaching the motorway. Most residents in the Algarve have virtually shunned the A22 since the tolls came into the picture.
Also, is this the type of democracy we want to promote in Portugal? One that sees citizens’ protests constantly falling on the government’s deaf ears?
Andrew Piteira
By email