A22 tolls’ complication

Dear Editor,

We own a property in the Algarve which we visit quite a few times through the year, and although we much preferred the A22 prior to the introduction of tolls, we would not object to paying a nominal fee just to avoid the EN125. The problem is the complications of actually trying to make a payment with a hire car!

On our summer visit this year, we had friends and family over to stay and had to visit the airport a number of times to collect and return – 12 runs back and forward. The rest of the holiday was spent finding and queueing in post offices to pay, as someone had left a debt on the car before we hired it so the little pay shops couldn’t separate the transactions. What a nightmare!

Then when returning home we had to find someone willing to trek into town two days later and queue to pay for our journey back to the airport. Surely there must an a simpler way to collect the tolls.

If we could either register a credit card temporarily to the car or buy a transponder which could be registered to us which we could transfer between vehicles, I’m sure things would be a lot easier and people would pay instead of just leaving the debts.

Mary Dent

By email