Anti-tolls lunch to discuss new action plan

A22 Tolls || Anti-tolls lunch to discuss new action plan

A lunch event to discuss what further action should be taken in the long-running fight against the Algarve’s A22 motorway tolls has been scheduled for this Saturday (December 13) at O Fernando restaurant in Altura.
The event, organised by CUVI, the road users’ commission, marks three years since the tolls were placed on the Via do Infante (A22) and will also be attended by Spanish groups from Andalusia.
According to CUVI, the A22’s traffic from Spain has dropped 50% since the Portuguese government introduced the tolls. Furthermore, the commission says economic activity is down 25% in the Algarve and Huelva, and transport companies rarely use the motorway these days.
The only alternative, the EN125, is generally considered “dangerous” and often dubbed “the road of death”.
If you are interested in attending the lunch, contact CUVI member Michael Ferrada to book your place. Lunch costs €10 per person.
919070032 | [email protected]