A world of entertainment solutions

GONE ARE the days when a CD player and BBC TV were enough to keep us entertained. Now there is a never-ending list of entertainment possibilities on offer and consumers are eager to experience them in their own homes

Twin brothers, Edwin and Mark Wentink, came to the Algarve from Holland to set up Marc Electronica in 1988. Initially, the company specialised in installing satellite dishes for reception of domestic TV, however, the last few years have seen a surge in the market for the latest technology, in terms of audio and visual products, and they have diversified their business accordingly. People are coming to the Algarve to invest their money in property and, nowadays, pre-installation for entertainment systems is an important part of the construction process.

Marc Electronica describes its service as ‘multi-room distribution’. People now design their house around their entertainment system so that they can see and hear it from all parts of the house. Installations of satellite systems, plasma and LCD screens are tailored to suit the customer’s needs. The company provides top brands such as Pioneer, Hitachi, Bose and Opus that are hard to find in commercial stores. Marc Electronica employs 17 fully trained, specialist staff and the company covers the entire Algarve.

As a result of the overwhelming demand from customers wanting the latest in entertainment technology, Marc Electronica is excited to announce the forthcoming opening of a new showroom in Almancil, in the first week in September. It will be the biggest showroom in terms of satellite TV and audio video distribution in the Algarve, with over 250 square metres of space, two floors and private parking.

The company is also excited to present the first wireless, multi-room digital music system, SONOS. This system means you can stream music from your PC or other storage device into any room of your house and control it all through a hand held controller. You can cover up to 32 zones and can play the same song in different rooms or different songs in different rooms at any one time.

The development of the industry means that Marc Electronica now works very closely with building and property companies. Entertainment systems are now considered an important part of building plans and very much involved in the construction procedure. Edwin spoke of how “most people make the mistake of hiring an electrician who doesn’t have a clue about the right pre-installations. We encourage people to avoid problems by calling us so we can give free professional advice,” he said. Marc Electronica prides itself on knowing what technology is going to emerge in the next few years so they can prepare the customer’s system to be adaptable for the future changes, therefore reducing any further costs.

Once a customer has contacted Marc or Edwin, they are invited to the showroom to view some designs without any obligation. “It is like any kind of designing, we have to listen to the customer to get an idea, find out what restriction’s we will come across, highlight what’s important to the customer and finally make sure the system is flexible.”

Marc Electronica offers a VIP service contract to customers to ensure that their system always functions to its total capability, and faults are always dealt with within 24 hours or a substitute provided.

The development of this industry has come a long way over the past 20 years. Initially satellite TV was unpopular, as it only had 4 channels, and was a massive expense to install. In 1991, news channels like CNN really came to the fore when they began broadcasting coverage of the Gulf War, instigating a surge in demand for Satellite TV. Since then, there has been a natural progression in the industry. Everything is becoming digitalised, and the world of audio, video and communications has merged into one product. With High Definition TV channels now available through satellite, it is simply amazing what you can do with the right equipment set up correctly. • Call Marc Electronica on 282 410 400 e-mail [email protected] or visit www.marc-electronica.com