A white Christmas in the Algarve…

news: A white Christmas in the Algarve...

IN REALITY, the majority of Algarve based businesses are connected to tourism, in one way or another. The property management company is an obvious example, but even the butcher needs to know how to cater for the tastes of different nationalities, that could become his regular clients, and the same goes for the restaurateur with his menu.

The boutique owner needs to know to carry sizes for the frames of larger Northern Europeans and the interior designer needs to appreciate that English people like blankets and flannels, Germans like square pillows and Dutch folk expect to find a coffee machine in their home-from-home. Generalisations they might be, but, they do illustrate the point that tastes and priorities do vary widely, and knowing how to advise clients, does need careful thought, consideration, and better first hand experience.

Experience enables a businessperson to guide a newcomer in making appropriate choices, as well as attempting to cater for their every whim. In life, it is often true that the most obvious choice is not always the best in the long run, especially if there are different circumstances to take into consideration. That same rule of thumb can be applied to purchasing bed linen and towels, bathrobes and bathmats.

New property owners arriving from northern climates often tend to think that bright Mediterranean style colours are the most obvious choice, to create the perfect holiday atmosphere. True? Maybe, but 52 visits to the laundry later, when powerful detergents and very hot water have done an excellent job in cleaning and sterilising, more often than not, all is not bright and cheerful any more. More like sad looking and in need of replacement. That is without taking into consideration the harsh line-drying process that most new residents rejoice in, once they have discovered that even the thickest, fluffiest Egyptian cotton towels and bathrobes can dry in a matter of hours under a baking hot sun. However, when they are removed from the line, unless tumbled dried for a few minutes, they will be capable of rendering a loofah redundant. In stark contrast, the bed linen and towels that are returned from the laundry will always be super clean and super soft and fluffy. Fresh, and luxurious looking too, if they are all white!

So, white really is the best option. White invokes luxury. It is no coincidence that the majority of the most expensive hotels and spas, clinics and even hairdressers opt for white. It is just makes life easier when all the items can be mixed, thus negating the need to separate colours, ready for the washing process. Everything can be washed in super hot water that will put paid to any nasty little germs lurking amongst the fibres. Then they can all be flung into a dryer together, where no colour transference can occur from the lint that is created by the movement of the drum (lint is the grey fluff that will need to be removed from domestic dryers regularly to ensure the machine can run smoothly and efficiently).

So, this is not just sales spiel, it comes from years of experience gained by the most luxurious establishments on the planet!

Why not treat your property to a Christmas present? Replace all the tired and worn bed linen and towels with new, luxurious, white ones, ready for you and your house guests to enjoy next year.