A unique eating experience for all healthy food lovers

Natur’all comes to Lagos

The changes that people’s eating habits have suffered in recent times are undeniable. Inaugurated in the beginning of 2019 on Avenida de Lagos, next to Intermarché, Natur’all presents the city with a new, bold, differentiating and contemporary healthy eating concept, in response to this growing demand and trendy lifestyle.

The new Natur’all space offers a cafeteria, bakery, restaurant, take-away and grocery store, and menu is a complete novelty in this business and in Lagos. The idea is to demystify and boost the concept of “healthy flavoured” food, and at the same time satisfy different nutritional and public needs, such as those of the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, while increasing the reach of healthy produce in the region. “We want, above all, to make healthy food available to everyone,” says the owner.

But the environmental issues and the sustainability of the planet are also a big part of this project. Looking to raise awareness to these questions, at Natur’all some of the utensils — reusable cups, environmentally friendly dishes, cutlery and napkins, among other innovations — will not only be a novelty for most customers but will also make them more conscious of these problems, while reducing the ecological footprint of Natur’all and its clients’.

Knowing that the customers at the forefront of this type of service and spaces are observant, critical and demanding, Natur’all will have an organic and natural environment with quality as its trademark.

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