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A two-man Parish


Margaret Brown is one of The Resident’s longest standing contributors and has lived in the Algarve for more than 20 years. As well as Point of View, she also writes Country Matters twice a month.

AFTER A troubled two and a half years, the Anglican Chaplaincy of St Vincent’s in the Algarve is back on track. Having been under direct control of the Diocese of Gibraltar since a Visitation imposed in August 2005 by Suffragan Bishop David Hamid, changes were made and a degree of stability restored.

Services continued throughout the Parish, its three congregations worshipping under the guidance of a series of wise and experienced Locums, many of which were already known to us. With the arrival of our Chaplain, the Reverend Haynes Hubbard in May 2007 and the lifting of the Visitation last December, St Vincent’s is at the beginning of a new period of growth, outreach and harmony.

Father Haynes’ work of ministering to the widespread congregations of Almancil, St Lukes and Luz Bay is now to be shared with his new Assistant Chaplain the Reverend Michael Graham, who will live in Boliqueime with his wife Rosemarie.

Having had 33 years of experience as Priest in many parts of England, for a number of years he was Rural Dean of Exmoor and Chaplain to Butlin’s holiday camp at Minehead, concurrent with his other appointments.

Being an accomplished musician on piano, keyboard and organ and a prize winning gardener as well as a devout man of God, Father Graham brings many talents to his new position. Born and reared in Lincolnshire, Michael trained at Bristol Theological College before receiving his first appointment to a Church in a Nottingham suburb.

Married to Rosemarie in 2006 in Derbyshire, they have a combined family of five children and now a grandson Oliver.

Because Father Michael’s initial contract is for one year only, its renewal is entirely dependent upon adequate giving by the three congregations. His wife will continue to work in England as Resources Manager for Pennine Healthcare until such time as her husband’s position is made permanent. St Vincent’s is a two man Parish – it is up to us to keep it that way.