A tragic tale

A dog was rescued recently after being trapped in a house in Loures, Northern Portugal, for four months, with only his owner’s dead body for food. The Rottweiler was rescued after a neighbour spotted him through a window, looking unusually thin. “I hadn’t seen anyone at the house for months. Although the outside garden light was always on, I thought that Joaquim, the house owner, had gone on holiday and had taken his dog with him. Then, my neighbour told me he had seen the dog eating a bone inside the house. That was when I thought something strange had happened and decided to alert the police,” said neighbour, Juminda Gracia.

When the police arrived at the abandoned house, they found the decomposed body of 57-year-old Joaquim Francisco, which, according to a police source, was missing some limbs. The spokesman revealed that the death was not suspicious, but the body has been sent for autopsy. The dog is currently at the Loures veterinary centre. “He was much calmer now. We are currently waiting for the court to decide what to do with him, although I don’t think anyone is going to want a dog in his condition,” vet Gabirro Fernandes explained. A similar incident happened last year when a dog chewed his owner’s arm – from the wrist to the shoulder – in order to survive.