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A traditional Christmas with a modern twist

The school hall, buzzing with chattering parents and excited children, settled down to sing the calypso carol, Mary’s Boy Child. Then three children from class Junior two described the first Christmas. After the senior class sang Silent Night in both English and Portuguese, the show was stolen by four members of the reception class describing who was in the stable. After much clapping and cheers the reception class joined in with a well rehearsed rendering of The Christmas Candle.

Junior one class sang Baby Jesus, sleep tight before two of their number did a lively recitation describing the excitement of Christmas Eve. Just the right age class was chosen to sing All I want for Christimas … in that the whole front row did indeed appear to have teeth missing!

Two small children bravely and competently played their violins, followed by a short piano solo, after which, to add to the entertainment, the piano fell over! Then it was time for the senior class to play their recorders, before the tempo changed completely as a group of them executed the Reindeer Rap.

After more singing, a group from Junior two class described e-mailing Santa a list of desired presents and subsequently receiving a very long list of Santa’s own requirements when he came to call.

After a comic lyric from five of the seniors about the difference between holly and ivy, the whole school sang, before inviting the audience to join in with We wish you a Merry Christmas.

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