A touch of medieval chivalry

news: A touch of medieval chivalry

TOURISTS AND day-trippers in Sintra were taken back in time over the weekend to the chivalrous days of maidens, knights, jousts and sword fights in the reign of João I.

The square in front of the medieval Palácio da Vila in the historic town centre had been transformed into a jousting course with knights resplendent in full armour atop armoured steeds charging at one another with lances at the ready.

The tournament, which began last Saturday and continued until Sunday evening, was organised by the Cavalaria do Sagrado Portugal (Knights of Sacred Portugal) as part of Sintra Medieval Festival.

During the jousts and sword fights, a commentator was on hand to explain the significance of the gestures, the different types of weapons used and the rules of combat at that time.

Sintra’s arts and tourism council officer, Joaquim Martins, said: “Of course, we put the show on for the tourists, but it was also an opportunity to recreate a slice of Portuguese history that actually existed at this very spot during the 12th and 13th centuries.” C.G.