A tasty summer: BBQ season is in full swing

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There are not many better ways to spend a sunny day with friends and family than with the smell of a BBQ wafting in the air. Many villas and apartments come equipped with barbeque facilities, and Intermarché is your one-stop shop for great supplies.

The butchers’ counter, located at the back of the store, on the left, is packed with a fabulous selection of fresh meats. Here you’ll find a good range of pre-made kebabs, steaks and chicken thighs that have been prepared with the butchers’ special recipe marinade and are ready to go straight on the grill when you get home.

Perhaps you prefer to prepare everything yourself? Not to worry, you’ll find a large selection of good-quality meats and poultry to choose from that can be cut to size by the butcher and a whole supermarket full of herbs and spices to give your barbeque your personal touch. Here you’ll find small whole chickens, perfect for the famous ‘frango piri piri’, with all you need to make your own version of this Portuguese grilling staple in the coolers and isles that are next to the butcher.

Burgers and sausages are always available and are prepared onsite; you can usually see someone working away behind the glass partition at the back of the butchers’ counter. Pork ribs are great grilled over the coals, and you’ll see that there are a few choices on offer. They can be marinated in soy sauce, fresh ginger, honey and chilli to give them an oriental twist and, of course, you’ll find all of the marinade ingredients on the shelves in Intermarché Carvoeiro.

But what BBQ would be complete without the sides? With fresh salad ingredients on display in the temperature-controlled fruit and vegetable section located in the heart of the store, you’ll find an extensive variety of salads along with loads of local, flavour-packed vegetables that will act as the perfect accompaniment to your grill.

To the left of the butchers’ counter, you’ll find a selection of BBQs, charcoal, firelighters, matches, grills and accessories that you’ll need to get everything going. A little further to the right, after the large delicatessen, there is a very convenient take-away counter with everything you need for a hassle-free grill. This is an excellent alternative for people who are short of time or the patience to prepare a BBQ from scratch.

The chickens and meats are roasted on the premises, ensuring that they are freshly prepared for you to swing by and pick up what you need without having to do much work. There’s also a selection of pre-made side dishes of potatoes, vegetables, salads and rice.

Just after the takeaway counter, there’s a sizeable fresh fish counter where the fishmongers will happily prepare a beautiful, fresh seabass or some fantastic, locally caught sardines for you. There’s also a lovely range of shellfish, with delicious prawns, perfect with a quick drizzle of oil and some garlic, parsley, salt and pepper. You’ll even find a variety of local beers and some ciders in the fridges and a decent selection of white and rose wines in the coolers in the wine section. Don’t forget to pick up your freshly-baked bread from the bakery on the way out.

Enjoy al fresco dining in the Algarve, Intermarché Carvoeiro has everything covered!