A successful safe Portugal

Around 500 PSP officers were involved in the third phase of the Safe Portugal operation, conducted in the Greater Lisbon area recently. A spokesman from central command revealed that 20 individuals had been arrested and 1,900 drivers fined in this operation which was centred on Lisbon, but also included areas of Oeiras, Cascais, Amadora and Loures. The operation will continue throughout the country until September 12. The spokesman said it aims to “perfect the PSP’s investigative methods, aiming to complement normal operational activity”.

The PSP says the operation has led to greater vigilance of the capital’s commercial and residential zones, as well as bathing and tourist areas, night clubs, restaurants, bars, factories, warehouses, munitions and explosives sites. Officers involved in the Safe Portugal operation were also tasked with cutting the number of road traffic accidents in the city. In all, 1,900 drivers were stopped and fined, 300 were breathalysed and 600 vehicles were monitored for excessive speed using radar. A total of 20 people were detained for various crimes, including drink driving and driving without a valid licence.

The Safe Portugal operation, which took place between June 12 and August 17, involved 12,433 police officers and led to the arrest of 981 individuals for drug possession, the seizure of 17,292 doses of drugs and 47,526 euros in cash. Police also uncovered 163 foreign citizens living illegally in Portugal.