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A successful first year for group

Following their first year in existence, the Foreign Welcome Group of the Algarve will host a meeting tomorrow (March 31) at Casa do Povo in Messines starting at 10.30am.

The meet is intended to provide the opportunity to look back on the first year and to discuss new ideas and receive feedback from those who have attended previous classes and events, so improvements can be made for the future.

Group member and organiser Peter Jones said: “We simply want to hear any new ideas that people may have and how they think we are doing.”

The group, which started from scratch in April 2011, have since set up language lessons for foreign residents, participated in car boot sales, initiated a ‘lending library’, cooking workshops, organised a trip to Lisbon, a Christmas lunch and further fundraisers including the spring dance that took place on March 9.

The spring dance event raised more than €500 and was supported by approximately 112 people who attended.

Proceeds raised went towards buying new equipments for children of the Messines area.

Peter said: “We hope that we can go on to hold other events this year that will be as successful.”

For more information about the Foreign Welcome Group, please contact Peter on [email protected].