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SANTIAGO ALQUIMISTA in Lisbon is going to feel the power of rock when Rose Hill Drive takes to the stage for their first concert in Portugal on December 11.

Rose Hill Drive has built an enormous underground fan base with exciting live shows, and lyrics that connect with the listener with a fully intense approach. It is a rebirth of the spirituality of music that motivates the band and Rose Hill Drive’s spiritual relationship with its worshippers remains incomparable. This method has let the fans and then the music business come to them. For them it is essential that it happened in that order – music first, business later.

Rose Hill Drive is composed of brothers Jake and Daniel Sproul, and their friend Nathan Barnes. They mix rock and blues with modern touches and bright arrangements, and their high energy remains unpredictable.

On stage you never know what the band is going to do next. They go from a heavy three minute song to an epic nine minute song in the blink of an eye. Their songs are written by all three band members, produced by them and Nick DiDia (who has worked with Rage Against The Machine and Pearl Jam).

They recorded songs in January 2006 at Southern Tracks in Atlanta, Georgia, and for them, it was done the way the music should be done – no Pro Tools recording program, no auto-tuning, no studio tricks, but just clean raw energy directly to a tape.

Formed in high school in Boulder, Colorado, US, Rose Hill Drive became one of the most adored live bands gathering admiration from critics and respect from fans.

Rose Hill Drive has toured with The Black Crowes, Robert Randolph, Wilco, Queens of The Stone Age, and also played at Bonnaroo, Red Rocks, Austin City Limits, and the Warped Tour. Even Van Halen invited Rose Hill Drive to open for them. In 2006 and 2007, they had the honour of playing as the only support band for selected dates with The Who and Aerosmith.

Check out their music at www.myspace.com/rosehilldrive

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