A sporting F.S. Meuse visits Lisbon

news: A sporting F.S. Meuse visits Lisbon

WHAT BETTER opposition could NATO and the Casuals rugby section have for a sporting challenge than crewmembers of the visiting French naval supply ship F.S. Meuse.

NATO challenged the crew to a friendly game of football, coming away with a 4-2 victory. After lunch, it was time for the Casuals to take on the ship’s crew to a game of rugby. As a friendly affair, what better result could there have been than a 19-19 draw.

The Casuals scores came from Barkley (US Embassy Marine), a borrowed French winger (the Casuals were down in number with members away and some injured from last week’s game) and the final score from the day’s team captain, Laurent Mourie (a French dentist based in Monte Estoril). Conversions were all taken by Barkley and the final try was nicely set up by João Heredia and Tony Stevenson, who decided this was to be his final rugby match, his boots well and truly hung up to dry (well, sold off). Thanks for the good control of the game must go to Henry Cooper (not the boxer), the day’s referee.

The friendly and lighthearted game carried on socially at the Palm Tree restaurant in Cascais (the team’s new sponsors), with Orlando and his staff providing great food and plenty of amber nectar. Palm Tree is now in proud possession of their first rugby memorabilia in the form of a hefty plaque from F.S. Meuse.

Anyone interested in playing this gentlemen’s game, getting involved with, or setting up a match against the Casuals should contact club captain Tim Essex on 914 102 733.