A solo charity cycle ride from London to Tavira

Alex Reeve has cycled from his home in London to his father Colin’s apartment in Tavira in aid of Cancer Research UK. He rode 1800 miles in 26 days through France and Spain, enjoying a few days rest in Ibiza before continuing his ride through Spain to Portugal, finally arriving in Tavira on Wednesday, September 2.

This challenge was a last-minute decision inspired by his mother Patricia who died from cancer six years ago which taught him to “live while you can”. Initially, Alex agreed to cycle a mile for every £1 donated but has now decided to increase the miles to match those covered by the Tour de France so he will now be riding around the Algarve to reach the incredible feat of cycling 2,156 miles.

Alex describes himself as a property entrepreneur, athlete and explorer. His philosophy for life is “finding peace and happiness through movement”.

His journey so far has contributed £1,929 (€2,170) for the charity.