Practice Portuguese

A smarter approach to learning European Portuguese

If you’re living in Portugal and struggling to become fluent in the language, you’re definitely not alone! The secret to your mastery of European Portuguese might just lie in a powerful learning technique called “spaced repetition”.

Spaced repetition is a learning method that focuses on reviewing information at gradually increasing intervals based on one’s performance. By practising this technique, neural pathways are strengthened, making it easier to access memories when needed. The key is to review the material just before the point of forgetting, signalling the brain to retain the information.

Spaced repetition dates way back to the early 20th century, long before you installed your first smartphone app! It was first introduced by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus in the 1880s, who discovered the forgetting curve and the importance of repetition in learning.

Today, this technique is applied to many areas of learning and, luckily for you, that includes European Portuguese! As you learn the language through the lessons and dialogues in Practice Portuguese’s app, you’ll accumulate words and phrases that are actually relevant to your life. Then, with the power of spaced repetition, you’ll genuinely retain everything you learn.

Practice Portuguese

There are three modes to choose from: Flash Card Mode, Quiz Mode, and Listen and Speak.

Flash Card Mode challenges you to produce the Portuguese phrases without hints or structure, enhancing recall ability. Quiz Mode provides more variety, including multiple choice, listen and type, fill in the blanks, and speaking practice. Listen and Speak allows you to review without looking at a screen, great for those moments you prefer to be offline, like when multitasking or going for a walk.

Research indicates that people need to know about 10,000 words to be considered fluent in a language. While spaced repetition can be done manually with physical flash cards, it’s way more practical to allow technology to do the heavy lifting.

Of course, no single technique can guarantee success in language learning. A holistic approach that combines spaced repetition with immersive experiences, such as engaging in conversations with native speakers, reading Portuguese newspapers and books, TV, radio and podcasts will significantly enhance your progress.

If you’re eager to become fluent in European Portuguese, give Practice Portuguese a try. We’ll take you from learning your first greetings right through to your entire learning journey, all at your own pace and schedule. Backed by an award-winning support team and a Trustpilot score of 4.9/5 (377 reviews), we’re excited to help you master the language and reach your long-term learning goals.

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