A smart and credible alternative to bank deposit accounts

by John Westwood [email protected]

John Westwood is the Managing Director of Blacktower Financial Management Group.

Blacktower Financial Management Group is pleased to announce an exclusive co-operation with AG2R La Mondiale Europartners to offer, for the first time, to UK nationals living in Portugal and Spain, the opportunity to invest into the:

Euro/Sterling Guaranteed Fund

• Incorporating unsurpassed and unlimited investor protection

• Tax free growth

• Fund size approximately 31 billion euros

Who is La Mondiale?

AG2R La Mondiale key points:

• Ranked 9th largest personal insurer

in France.

• A mutual company.

• 8 million policyholders.

• 1 in 4 enterprises in France use a AG2R La Mondiale product

• 13.3 billion euros received in 2008 across all product lines.

• 7,000 employees

For expatriate investors and international business, La Mondiale Europartner was established in Luxembourg in 1989. Initially, the international business provided expatriate solutions for only French nationals globally. Blacktower Financial Management is now co-operating with La Mondial Europartner to offer, for the first time, a range of European compliant cross-border investment solutions for UK expatriates.

What can Blacktower Group/ La Mondiale Europartner offer me?

One of the challenges facing UK expatriates is the need for an investment solution, compliant in their country of residence and remaining compliant should their country of residence change. In addition, many UK expatriates require the option to invest in a fund guaranteeing a secure and consistent return, while still allowing access to funds. To meet these needs, the Bond 4 European Mobility was developed specifically for UK expatriates.

Bond 4 European Mobility – key points:

• Access to the AG2R La Mondiale Euro and Sterling Guaranteed Funds, which could be used as an alternative to a bank deposit account.

• Option to hold multi currencies in one product and switch between these currencies.

• Access to an almost unlimited range of Unit Linked Funds and Blacktower Group’s exclusive wealth management solutions.

• Luxembourg investor protection.

• Comprehensive, user friendly, online access providing detailed analysis of your portfolio.

• A Luxembourg based support team of 97 people, with several years experience dealing in the international cross-border market.

Why are Euro/Sterling Guaranteed Funds a suitable alternative to a bank deposit account?

• You may withdraw money at any time.

• A minimum guaranteed annual return is agreed with the Luxembourg regulator (Commissariat aux Assurances) and applies for each of the first eight years of the investment. Currently, the guaranteed minimum return is 2.25 per cent p.a.

• Investments have built up over many years and the objective of the Euro Guaranteed Fund is to provide secure consistent returns each year.

• The size of the Euro Guaranteed Fund was 31 billion euros December 31 2009.

• Around half of policyholders invested are pensioners reliant on these returns for income.

• To minimise risk, no single investment made within the Euro Guaranteed Fund will exceed one per cent of the underlying security.

• Currently, the Euro Guaranteed Fund is invested 77.7 per cent in corporate and government bonds with an average rating of AA+. A further 13.4 per cent is invested in equities and 8.9 per cent in commercial property (located in France).

Historically, the Euro Guaranteed Fund has achieved the following returns:

Euro Guaranteed Fund

Gross Gross Return Return

1994 +8.20% 2002 +5.40%

1995 +8.35% 2003 +5.20%

1996 +7.45% 2004 +5.00%

1997 +6.25% 2005 +4.70%

1998 +6.00% 2006 +4.65%

1999 +6.00% 2007 +4.50%

2000 +5.80% 2008 +4.70%

2001 +5.60% 2009 +4.40%

The details provided are, to the best of our knowledge, correct at the time of printing. Blacktower Financial Management (International) Ltd and La Mondiale Europartner SA reserve the right to modify this information at any time. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Professional advice should be sought before any investment is made.

Blacktower Financial Management Group – Telephone 289 355 685.