A sight for healed eyes

Eye-Q-Vision is opening the eyes of the community in more ways than one. The successful new ophthalmology centre now also provides an in-house incentive for vision improvement. The centre in Lagoa has cleared its walls of dreary clinical décor and been transformed into a progressive art gallery. One is in danger of forgetting the original purpose of a visit to Eye-Q-Vision upon entering the office and finding an exhibition of multiple work by talented local artists, rather than a sterile, unfriendly waiting room, expected when going for a treatment or consultation. Currently showing in the “Art-Q-Gallery” are collections by Caroline Bell, who is often joined by Barbara Herre, Ruth Hilario, Lorna Johnstone and Annie Daemens. The paintings tend to move quickly, so new artists are always welcome. Artists can contact Nathalie Baart for more details on 282 353 486 or 917 828 102.