A sharp practice

Dear Editor
I recently received an estimated electricity account from EDP. As we have used far less electricity this summer, I was surprised to receive such a large bill. On checking the meter reading, I estimated we had been overcharged between €80 and €100.
I then accessed my EDP account online and was shocked to see that the meter had actually been read several days before the bill had been sent to me. It would therefore appear that EDP are fraudulently inflating accounts. If this is correct and just 10,000 accounts are inflated, by say €100, then the company would have €1m of their customers’ money gaining them interest at the expense of an unwitting public. I visited the EDP agent in Tavira who informed me that a correct account would be sent although no apology was forthcoming; I am still waiting for the amended bill! I have raised the matter with DECO and will be interested in their response.
Chris Wright