A Scottish visitor to the ‘golfing paradise’

I have just spent two weeks in the Algarve with my wife and daughter, enjoying a lot of sunshine, excellent food and visiting many interesting places. As a person who is keen in the game and history of golf and has been fortunate enough to advise successful golfers, such as Bob Charles (New Zealand) and David Frost (South Africa), in the playing of golf, I get great satisfaction from browsing around golf shops and admiring the vast range of golf clubs available.

With the region’s excellent golf courses and new golf stores, I have had many opportunities to visit and admire the equipment available. During a visit to Alvor, I noticed a small golf shop run by golf club maker of 50 years’ experience, Roger Morton. There, I re-stimulated my interest in the game. During the time I spent looking at the golf clubs, numerous people called to speak with the golf educator, who gave his time with passion and enthusiasm.

My visit to this golf shop reminded me of when I watched the golf club makers in Carnoustie many years ago, when customer care meant that you actually did receive quality from a product that is customised to your individual needs and the maker stood by their product with pride.

I was so impressed with this small golf shop that I bought a set of clubs, which Roger fitted to my physical stature and swing position at no extra cost!

In a few days, I will play with my new golf clubs for the first time in St. Andrews, but probably not under the glorious sunshine that I enjoyed in the Algarve.

Eric Cummings By email