A safety net when abroad

An ancient Chinese proverb advises, “Always be prepared for the unexpected”. This is applicable to all aspects of our daily lives but none more so than being prepared for those unexpected eventualities, which are stressful enough to deal with when you are on home ground, but whose stress-factor can multiply when you are abroad, without a clue as to who you can contact or where to look for help.

This is where membership of Emergency Abroad, a newly founded Europe-wide emergency assistance information service, can make all the difference.  Conceived as a safety net for people travelling or living anywhere in Europe to cover possible occurrences that require immediate professional help (rather than the attention of the official emergency services contactable by calling 112), Emergency Abroad members can access vital information via their easy-to-use website which contains details of over 1,000,000 emergency service providers Europe-wide.

Each and every one of Emergency Abroad’s service providers has been registered on their database using satellite technology.  Members need only type in the kind of service they require and their location at the time, and the nearest relevant service will appear clearly marked on a digital map with facts such as addresses, telephone numbers opening hours and even a digital route plan becoming instantly accessible. Emergency service providers registered on the website’s database cover categories from doctors, dentists and physiotherapists to locksmiths, electricians and plumbers.

Another advantage to members of Emergency Abroad is that they are also able to store important private information or even copy documents onto a secure server under their personal profile within the website, which serves as an essential back up if crucial documentation has been misplaced, lost or stolen.


As a support service to their website, Emergency Abroad members additionally have access to a 24/7 helpline, manned by English-speaking staff, meaning that no matter where they may find themselves, there is always a friendly, informed person available to talk to in their own language.  As well as being able to supply callers with any information registered on the database, including details of documents stored in the member’s personal profile, when communication due to language barriers proves to be problem, the operators can supply essential interpreting services.

According to research, one in three families experience some sort of emergency when travelling abroad and find themselves at a loss as to who to call or what to do.  Thanks to Emergency Abroad, gone are the days of having to try to plough your way through an incomprehensible directory or running around like a headless chicken hoping you will bump into a neighbour who can help when situations requiring immediate attention arise.  By becoming a member of Emergency Abroad you will always be prepared for the unexpected.

For further information: www.emergencyabroad.com. Freephone tel nº:  800 300 500