A rumble in the  jungle in Aljezur

More than 250 people watched the fifth annual Play in the Parque organised by the Aljezur International School and held in Parque de Merendas near Barão São João on July 8.

This year the play was Rumble in the Jungle, a story which followed a class of mislocated time travelling students from the future, who meet unsuspecting holidaymakers in Mowgli’s paradise home.

The time travellers find jungle animals and humans faced with the wrath of Sssybil the evil snake but, with help from the local witch doctor, the cast are able to thwart the fury of Kilamanhapi the volcano dweller.

The cast of students and teachers donned costumes for the play which aimed to entertain the entire family and has now become part of the social calendar of the local area.

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